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Tracking Business KM This Tax Year

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The ATO app lets you access and manage your tax and super accounts while on the go.

Logging kilometres

The ATO app also allows you to log the kilometres you’ve driven for car expenses deductions. However, it isn’t as automated as most apps for tracking travel.


ATO app

Logging kilometres

You must open the app, then choose to log a trip manually or start a GPS tracking one. Your phone should remain active for the duration of the GPS trip.

ATO app

GPS trips

GPS trips with the ATO app will not always be accurate. You will need to take time of your day to manually correct details.

ATO app

No data back up

You must manually back up your logged trips to make sure you don't lose any data.

If you are looking to automate recording your travel, consider an ATO app alternative like Driversnote.

Automating your logbook

ATO alternatives

Your intelligent vehicle logbook

Track KM automatically

Driversnote will automatically track trips in the background and ensure you don’t forget to log any kilometres, maximising your deductions.

Customise to your needs

You can set your own reimbursement rates, save often-visited addresses and track kilometres for multiple vehicles and workplaces.

Get ATO-compliant logs

With Driversnote, you can track and report travel to your employer for reimbursement, or create compliant logbooks for your tax deductions.

Automatic back-up

Driversnote automatically backs up your data and you can access your records with your login details from other devices.

Your automatic vehicle log book

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